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A warm welcome to my website. I am a professional counsellor working in the Pretoria region and invite you to have a look at the services I provide. My goal is to help individuals, couples and families make sense of their experiences which in turn facilitates personal and interpersonal growth. In a world where people are feeling more and more isolated from functional support systems, professional counselling can be a very powerful tool to assist people in finding meaning and growth in the midst of various personal struggles.

I am professionally registered in both South Africa and the United States of America as psychological counsellor and marriage and family therapist.  While living in the USA, I chose to complete a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counselling (MA. MFTC) degree.

I believe the closest and intimate relationships such as couples and marriage and family relationships have a profound impact on how the individual is shaped as a person and the level of emotional well-being.

With the privilege of learning how to integrate numerous evidence-based theories of counselling and family therapy, I am now able to help people better understand themselves and the family system or relationships in which they live and function. Every relationship has more than one side to “the story,” and it is essential to listen and understand each individual accurately before one can work towards personal growth and satisfying relationships.

People get hurt in relationships but they also heal in relationships. Forming a safe relationship with a professional helper where confidentiality and accurate empathy, understanding, and input are all put together forms the climate for change where the client is then able to find solutions for personal problems. People have remarkable abilities to solve their own problems, but those abilities can often be blocked away when depression, contempt, self-criticism, relational conflict, addiction or general life problems such as trauma get in the way.

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